Dear all customers: I am SHOCKED :O

absolutely disgusting baseless false completely untrue and wild dangerous disinformation WARNING: the conspiracy theory of the “Nicholas kill-list” is spreading on campus once again since the latest female customer was found hanging in the toilet. False lies!

To clarify: Chief discipliner Nicholas is professional and only administers hard and firm discipline but not death. Fact: he has never ever met in person the deceased customer! and all sexual acts between the deceased customer (RIP!)and discipliner Nicholas were 100% consensual if they ever happened, but probably 99.999% never happened anyways, but even if happened was 100% equally enjoyed by both parties and legal and safe, very normal and absolutely NO connection to with her free choice of minimizing carbon footprint via self death.

Do not listen to rumors! Unfortunately as we all know this female customer also has very bad memory and high dishonesty, so everything she says if she wakes up at the hospital should NOT BE TRUSTED! she is just confused! 😂  don’t take seriously!! our information is fact checked and researched by experts fully.

Anyways our LLC company wishes she will rest in peace NOW and hopefully in the name of environmentalism she is disconnected from the breathing machines immediately! (to save earths finite resources) She was a good customer with full co operation but now it is time for all of us to move on forward stronger together! Immediate cremation now!

Do not fucking disrespect the dead customer by talking about this ever again. Any further discussion about this matter is now banned and will be referred IMMEDIATELY to chief discipliners office for extremely hard discipline. Stop spreading dangerous rumors. Final warning!

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